At the end of April, our company participated in the largest trade fair of elevator technology Russian Elevator Week in Moscow.

This year, the fair hosted a total of 159 exhibitors from 17 countries who presented their elevator-related products.


The BETACELLAR electronic security system for cellar cubicles was installed in Brno in February. The investor was an association of owners who decided to build new steel cellar cubicles in their cellar and, at the same time, to increase the security level of the cellar cubicles. The implementation included installation of individual security elements in the cellar cubicles, setting and activation of the system and subsequent handover to the investor for use.


The Safe Locality – Safe Living project in Brno, which aims to increase the safety of people and property in apartment houses including technical and organizational measures with the direct participation of house residents, was selected, in the spring this year, in the prestigious competition Mayors Challenge inspiring cities to create innovative ideas for solving problems and improving the life in cities, which is initiated by the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Along with the Brno project, another twenty projects from the whole of Europe were selected for the competition final. Safety Locality has proven its innovative approach when last year it received the “Best preventive project of regions, cities and villages” award of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and, in 2011, Brno won 1st place for it in the prestigious competition Urban Security Award. 


Beta Control is launching its new product in the field of security equipment for apartment buildings. The electronic security unit BETACELLAR is a new system which provides security of cellar cubicles. The system can be installed into existing cellar cubicles or it is possible to use the offer of building new Beta Control steel cellar cubicles, both separately and including other components of the complex security system Safe House.


Our basement was burgled. It has probably happened to you, too. In the morning, I was woken by my neighbour's son who told me this unpleasant news. We have a loud bell, definitely too loud to be ringing at seven o'clock in the morning.

Now I am sitting in the kitchen with a calming morning coffee and I am waiting for the police. It’s going as usual, I am waiting and counting what the good-for-nothings stole from my basement. Two pairs of skis, two bikes, a vacuum cleaner, several pairs of sports shoes and I will have to think of the rest. I am especially upset about those five litres of 10-year old plum brandy from my friends from Wallachia. I am waiting and wondering what to do about it.


Since July, four housekeepers have been helping police officers in municipal houses on Riegrova Street. Břeclav Town Hall has utilized another preventive project of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and will improve neighbourly relations and protect the town property thanks to another subsidy.


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