Security of premises and persons

Using the modular security system, the following can be secured

  • Individual apartments
  • Basement units
  • Lift machine room
  • Common areas


Beta Control basement units represent spaces for the safe storage of items.
The structure of newly built basement units made of durable steel is filled with galvanized trapezoidal metal sheets with possible perforation for ventilation.
Each unit contains lighting and a socket with an electricity meter.

The access system controls entry into the unit and sends an SMS to the user's specified number if attacked. Information about the unit status (blocked, unblocked, alarm) is secured by LED indicators.

Colour design according to customer specifications.

Maintenance services include inspection of the functionality of the sensors, battery status and an alarm test.


When installing wiring in common areas, we also recommend revitalizing the lighting on lift platforms. Corridors are then equipped with wall or ceiling lights with motion sensors that automatically turn on if there is any movement on a specific platform. The lights are switched on and off gradually, the whole house is not lit at once, which saves costs.
The lights are fitted with halogen bulbs or energy-saving bulbs designed for use in combination with motion sensors.

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