BETACELLAR – security of cellar cubicles

Beta Control is launching its new product in the field of security equipment for apartment buildings. The electronic security unit BETACELLAR is a new system which provides security of cellar cubicles. The system can be installed into existing cellar cubicles or it is possible to use the offer of building new Beta Control steel cellar cubicles, both separately and including other components of the complex security system Safe House.


Within an apartment building, it is possible to connect up to 64 cellar cubicles to one control unit. Up to four such units can be in one building and it is possible to secure a maximum of 254 cubicles. Unlocking and locking of a cellar cubicle (or the door contact) is done by an electronic key (so-called Dallas chip) straight on the control unit at the entrance to the cellar. The user does not have to remember any numerical codes or other access data of the cubicle and he just opens it with a mechanical key (FAB). The cubicle can be unlocked on the control unit with just a valid chip. In case of a power failure, there is a backup power supply available for a period of up to two days (depending on the system configuration).


The system continuously monitors the current state of all cellar cubicles. Each attempt (both successful and unsuccessful) at unlocking or locking the cellar cubicle is recorded including the time and the key used. It monitors whether the cellar code was unlocked by its authorized owner. In the system, it is also possible to set the timeout of non-guarding: if a cubicle is not properly locked with the chip within a certain (adjustable) time after its user leaves, the system will lock the cubicle automatically.

If the system is disturbed, an alarm will be launched. This may happen if a cubicle is opened in an inadmissible manner, the electric power lines to the cubicles are disrupted or an attempt to disrupt the control unit is detected.

On the control unit it is possible to monitor the state of individual cubicles. Depending on whether the LED is glowing or blinking, you can find out if the cubicle is guarded or if it indicates an alarm. The system allows the selecting of actions which will be performed when an alarm is launched, when the local siren can be activated (the timeout can be set, i.e. the time from launching an alarm for which the system sounds an acoustic signal), sending an SMS to an authorized person (cubicle owner, user), an SMS to the administrator, information on the alarm to the central protection desk.

The BETACELLAR system is characterized by quick installation and easy operation. It can be installed independently or as a part of the Safe House modular system. More information can be found at

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